NOGLSTP is proud to be involved with Out and Equal’s LGBT CareerLink, a website devoted to linking employers with top LGBTQ+ talent. LGBT CareerLink website offers resume posting, career guidance, job search, job skills, and more. Check it out!

NOGLSTP is a partner with the Higher Education Recruitment Consortium, an organization of over 550 higher education, research, and health care employers with thousands of career opportunities in the scientific and technical professions. HERC members are committed to recruiting and retaining a diverse workforce and to helping dual-career couples find satisfying jobs within a commutable distance.

NOGLSTP is also involved with AAAS ScienceCareers, a career oriented website from the journal Science. ScienceCareers offers job search capabilities, skill tools and tips, as well as a robust online magazine that include LGBTQ people in the diversity discussion. Follow this link for a listing of these articles.

Within the ScienceCareers website is MySciNet, a place for scientists and students from diverse backgrounds to network and build the personal and professional connections needed to succeed in the sciences. An inclusive community, MySciNet brings together individuals and organizations that share your goal and believe you can succeed. NOGLSTP is a MySciNet partner.

For post doctoral fellowship opportunities, check out

For those LGBTQ+ people wondering whether the STEM career path will be welcoming, have a look at our publication Career Opportunities for LGBT STEM Grads: Brighter Than Ever.

More career resources are under development.