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Many people have asked whether there is a NOGLSTP chapter in their area, or how they might form a NOGLSTP chapter. Instead of chapters, NOGLSTP has CAUCUS and REGIONAL GROUP categories of group membership. A CAUCUS is a group of people — within the same discipline, or professional society, or company — with some common viewpoint. A REGIONAL GROUP is a group of people within a specific geographic area. Currently, the following groups are affiliated with NOGLSTP:

Three benefits to affiliation with NOGLSTP: Representation on NOGLSTP Board of Directors, group website ( hosting, and potential membership dues discount…

  • A NOGLSTP CAUCUS or REGIONAL GROUP has its own structure, governance, and purpose, but achieves NOGLSTP benefits through group affiliation with NOGLSTP. The most important benefit of group membership is having a representative on the NOGSLTP Board of Directors. This arrangement allows groups of common interest to have a voice in matters of NOGLSTP governance, and to bring their unique issues, concerns and ideas to the Board. Although CAUCUS and REGIONAL GROUPS that affiliate with NOGLSTP are autonomous in governance, mission, and activities, it is expected that the group will respect NOGLSTP policies on member privacy, equal opportunity, and 501c3 issues.
  • NOGLSTP will host your group website if you don’t already have one. The URL will be Someone from your group, however, is responsible for making sure the site content is up to date.
  • The other advantage is the possibility for discounted annual NOGLSTP dues. If the group collects its own dues and NOGLSTP dues at the same time (of course, sending NOGLSTP its share), members can enjoy an annual dues discount.


Group membership is attained through formalizing a critical mass of individual NOGLSTP members or by payment of annual group dues. Both of these affiliation methods are available to professional societies and not-for-profit groups. In the critical mass method, a minimum of 5 regular NOGLSTP members having a common discipline, mission or geography may create an independent association and apply for membership as a NOGLSTP CAUCUS or REGIONAL GROUP. This group may also have members who are not regular NOGLSTP members, and the group’s representative is responsible for keeping them informed about NOGLSTP news.

Alternatively, an existing association may pay an annual group dues fee of $250 to NOGLSTP. The $250 annual dues includes one regular NOGLSTP membership for the individual who will represent the group on the NOGLSTP Board. In addition, the group’s members are eligible to receive a discounted NOGLSTP membership ($25/yr minimum). Otherwise, the group’s members receive NOGLSTP news through their group representative. Only the annual dues method is available to corporate groups.

For more details, download the group affiliation guidelines (367K PDF). To apply for affiliation, download the group membership application (55K Fill-In Word Document).