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Inquiries about site content, NOGLSTP history, financial matters, email distribution list, membership, and all other matters not listed below Barbara Belmont, Treasurer office
Inquiries about the NOGLSTP Mentoring Project   mentoring
Inquiries about the NOGLSTP Out to Innovate Scholarships   scholarships
Inquiries about starting a NOGLSTP affiliate (e.g., regional, professional group, college campus chapter)   affiliates


Project ideas, grant offers, volunteer to help: Any NOGLSTP Board Member:

Board Member email handle
TJ Ronningen, Chair tj-board
Chris Bannochie, Member-at-Large cb-board
Christine Bland, Member-at-Large rcb-board
Rebecca Callahan, Member-at-Large rc-board
Luca Caputo, Member-at-Large lc-board
Penn Hutchinson, Member-at-Large ph-board
Marcie Mathis, Member-at-Large mm-board
Vallesha Parker, Member-at-Large vp-board
Bish Paul, Member-at-Large bp-board
Dane Samilo, Secretary and Member-at-Large ds-board


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 626 791-7689
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Out to Innovate
PO Box 91803
Pasadena CA 91109